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Estates, Trusts + Probate

Buckley King's estate and asset protection plans are structured to allow for future contingencies and changed circumstances.

Clients look to Buckley King for insightful, practical and understandable methods to achieve their estate planning and business succession objectives.  Drawing upon years of experience at all levels of tax, estate, trust and probate matters, we provide up-front assessments ranging from fiduciary and guardianship litigation to estate tax audits, taking the most direct and efficient route to attain the goals of our clients.

Our strategies contemplate unforeseen possibilities and the opportunity to assess options in protecting, strengthening and transferring assets to the next generation. We advise and guide on all aspects of estate planning, including generation skipping taxation, income taxation of trusts and estates, charitable giving, nonprofit organizations and private foundations, probate and trust administration, succession planning for closely-held businesses, and the balance between lifetime tax-advantage transfers of assets versus retaining decision-making authority. We devise plans to allow for future contingencies and changed circumstances, trustee designations and distributive provisions that match the intent of the grantor, and aim to avoid gift and estate taxes, as well as unwanted publicity.